Messi says farewell. Now who will replace Neymar?

Only a few weeks ago when the world heard about Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain transfer rumors, everyone ignored it like just another made up rumor. But now the joke is on all of us. As the transfer is in the final stages of completion. And the biggest transfer confirmation was Messi’s farewell message to Neymar on Instagram. It was a simple farewell message to his close friend, consisting of beautiful memories they had together.

Neymar’s Replacement:

  1. Paulo Dybala:

Paulo Dybala is a different player to Neymar. But he would be the best replacement for him. As judging only by talent, he has enough to feel Neymar’s boots. And enough potential to surpass him eventually, as he is only 23. Dybala’s addition would mean that Messi would have someone who he has great understanding already. And his dynamic play would help Luis Suárez to only concentrate on his finishing.

  1. Philippe Coutinho:

Barcelona has been trying to sign Neymar’s talented countryman even before his departure. The only stumbling block has been the transfer fee. As Liverpool don’t want to sell their talisman at any fee. But if Barcelona were able to sign him, it would be a great addition no matter the fee. Because Coutinho is already one of the best player in the Premier League. And if he can add consistency to his game, none can stop him.

  1. Antoine Griezmann:

Antoine Griezmann has the star power, technical ability & hunger for success to replace Neymar. But there is a big problem, and that is Atlético Madrid’s transfer ban. This ban has been a blessing in disguise for Atlético, as it convinced Griezmann to stay till at least January. But waiting for a star player till January isn’t something new for Barcelona. As Luis Suárez was signed knowing that he couldn’t play until January. So considering Suárez’s success story, Barcelona may wait and sign Griezmann as Neymar’s replacement.

  1. Ousmane Dembélé:

Ousmane Dembélé has been linked with Barcelona at the start of the transfer season. But Barcelona didn’t sign him because of his enormous fee. Now money isn’t a problem for Barcelona. And if the new boss Ernesto Valverde wants a proper winger to replace Neymar, then there is no better candidate than Dembélé.

  1. Kylian Mbappé:

Kylian Mbappé is the hottest young talent at the moment. And it is a certainty that his future is with a big team. But very few big team can afford the 100 million plus youngster. And after Neymar’s sale, Barcelona has enough cash to sign the next big thing. Mbappé’s other likely destination is Barcelona’s arch rivals Real Madrid. But Barcelona has a big advantage over real. And that is, they can offer him regular 1st team football.

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