Top 5 Premier League Signings for the Summer Window

The 2017 summer transfer window is a thing of the past. Initial speculations have had time to either be proven true or false. That being said, here’s our take on the top 5 best signings from this summer:


Ederson to Manchester City

It was clear that Joe Hart’s time at the Etihad was over, and every team needs a decent goalkeeper. Manchester City have found that in the Brazilian Starlet named Ederson. Although his club’s strong playing style has only forced him to make an astonishing ten saves this season, Ederson has delivered every time. In fact, he’s the highest rank keeper in the Premiere League with a 83.7% pass success rate.


Lukaku to Manchester United

Lukaku has made his rounds through the Premiere League. He started with Chelsea, solidified himself as a player at Everton, and has most recently brought his talents to Manchester United. The Belgian has scored the second most goals in the Premier League so far this season. Lukaku brings more power and prowess to a team that is already heavily stacked. If Lukaku isn’t with your team, you risk having to face him. Manchester United, for good reason, did not want to take that risk.





Sead Kolisinac to Arsenal

Kolisinac is a young defender who scores just as well as he shuts down the opposition. What more could a team ask for? It gets better! This Bosnian powerhouse was signed as a free transfer. Arsenal is certainly getting its money’s worth.


Mohamed Salah to Liverpool

Salah knows his way around the Premier League, and for the past few seasons, Liverpool FC has been in a continual state of flux. Aside from losing key players to retirement and gaining a new coach, the club has also dealt with plenty of injury. Salah is a stabilizing force.


Richarlison to Watford

Richarlison was an unknown to most of the Premier League, but his arrival at Watford is causing quite the commotion. He had made nine starting appearance, three goals, and two assists so far. Richarlison also has great pace. While this player certainly isn’t living up to the larger than life expectations that seemed to be placed on every striker who signs for a team such as Watford, he is a regularly contributing member of the squad. Who knows if his goals will make a huge difference at the end of the season.

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