Manchester United supporters handed warning from Russia

Manchester United have issued a security warning to fans travelling to Moscow ahead of the Champions League group game against CSKA Moscow.


Just over 1,000 fans are expected to travel to Russia for the second group game of this season's Euro campaign - and the club have helped out by paying for the £118 visas.


Russian police are expected to be 'less than tolerant' with United fans misbehaving and the club have put in place a number of security measures to make the trip as safe as possible for travelling Reds.


Fans will be taken to the stadium on official buses which will pick them up and return them to the same hotel before and after the game.


In a statement on the club website they said:


"All supporters must use the official bus service provided, and we ask that you ensure that your behaviour is impeccable at all times.


"The law enforcement authorities in Moscow are likely to be less tolerant than most other European police authorities, with a Police presence expected on-board each bus.


"There is no registration process for the bus transfers as all supporters have been catered for, therefore you will just need to show your match ticket in order to travel to and from the stadium.
"For your safety and security you are advised not to wear Manchester United colours when in Moscow, or attract attention to your presence in the city.
"It is also advised that you remain in groups where possible, and do not walk around the city alone, further highlighting the benefits of using the arranged bus transfers."

United's security warning comes as the head of Russian Football Union's security committee Vladimir Markin threatened to come down hard on troublemakers.




He said: "I don't want to scare anyone but I warn those who plan to come here not to support their side and see the country but to commit hooliganism: the law is the same for all, not just for Russians.


"Those who break it will face a suitable punishment, possibly in the form of a long stay in Russia, in conditions our guests won't like."

Travelling fans can find advice here.


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