Is Inter Milan finally back on track?

In years past, it seemed that there were a few constant truths in soccer. 30 years old meant a player had reached his shelf life. Diving was always unequivocally disgraceful, and, above all else, there were teams that were winners and teams that were losers. Of course, there were a few teams that fell in between that spectrum, but, nevertheless, there were always those top-notch clubs that you could count on winning everything and those perpetual bottom dwellers that were sure to lose.


In more recent years, a lot has changed. Inter Milan used to be one of those sure-fire winners, but that supposed reality has been turned on its head.


It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. Really, it was a perfect storm of unfortunate, unbelievable events. When Mourinho left Inter, the club had just won the treble, and it all went downhill from there.


The club went from being in the headlines for stunning victories to being in the headlines for juicy drama. At one point, it seemed that everyone involved with the club, from the board members to the benchwarmers, was livid about something and every one of them was airing the dirty laundry to the media. Mauro Icardi happened too. He’s married to a former teammates wife. He gets into scuffles with said former teammate all the time. He’s not the most well-behaved player on his best day, and he has exchanged death threat with one of the club’s supporters groups.




On top of all the media drama, the club has been precariously unstable state personnel wise as well. The club has hosted a revolving door of managers. The ownership of the club has changed hands in recent years. According to ESPN, the club had 50 signings in the past five years. As if all that wasn’t bad enough, the club was not winning.


Things are finally looking up! The drama has subsided and Inter Milan is currently sitting pretty at the top sport of the Serie A table. Getting to the top of the table is a huge step in the right direction. Staying on top of the table is the other half of the battle.


Inter Milan certainly is not the powerhouse it once was…yet. The club is filled with players who are one injury away from retirement, but, with careful planning, Inter can get back to being the 2009 Inter we know.

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