Harry Kane vs. Real Madrid

Around the office we are big fans of Harry Kane. Personally I feel he is under-rated only because he in English. If you applied his numbers to a Brazilian or Argentine player we would be talking about the second coming. 


This week Tottenham meet Real Madrid in Champions League group play and Kane has the opportunity to show the world he the real deal outside of the Premier League. Some are saying this could be a career changing match for him. 


He has six in eight games so far for Spurs in the Premier League this season, so it is safe to suggest that the 24-year-old has silenced even his most ardent critics. Nobody now questions whether Kane is the real deal within the Premier League. But it seems there is always another challenge for the current England captain, another mark that he must pass, before being bestowed with the true mark of greatness.




For Spurs collectively, Mauricio Pochettino's young team will be measured against the reigning European champions in their own intimidating fortress. But Kane will also inevitably find himself judged against the goal scoring feats of Cristiano Ronaldo and on how well he performs on the biggest stage of club football.


There will also be the Gareth Bale subplot -- the Wales winger is fighting a losing battle against a calf injury to be fit to face his former club -- and the speculation surrounding whether Kane has what it takes to follow his old Spurs teammate to Madrid.


We are excited to see what Spurs can do on this stage, be sure to check in.

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