Morata: “But over here, by the time you’ve got possession you’ve already taken a couple of kicks from opponents."


Alvaro Morata has seriously taken to the Premier League.


Life at Chelsea seems to fit him perfectly as he looks to possibly break goal scoring records for a newcomer. All of that being said the 24-year-old has admitted that the defenders in the Premier League very physical and the league is quite rough.


Morata said: " I am happy at Chelsea, but it is a new club and a new culture for me to get used to. I've scored two goals and set up two in as many games.


"Everything is starting to fall into place, but I have not yet adapted to the style of play. I don't know any of my team-mates beyond my fellow Spaniards."


"Chelsea play an Italian style of football, and I have to adapt to their tactics. As the main striker I always have to be a target for my team-mates."


"But over here, by the time you've got possession you've already taken a couple of kicks from opponents."


"In Spain when you turn with the ball you have time to look up at the keeper and see where to aim. Here you just have to shoot right away"


"But this helps make the Premier League attractive to watch."


It will be interesting to see what happens over the season. Will he tear the league up like Fernando Torres in his first season at Liverpool? Who knows what the future holds but Spanish strikers are a hot commodity in the Premier League.

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