When in Florence: Fashion Foodballer

As people do, I found Fashion Foodballer just wandering around Florence. If you have been to Florence you understand. It is a beautiful city even when it is packed with tourists. You can spend days just getting lost in the streets and ally's.


We were in the middle of a day full of discoveries when I saw the fuss-ball player logo in the corner of my eye. This place is a football supporters dream put together by people who know what we want. 


Picture eating in a museum that is filled with football artifacts from past and present. All of it curated in glass cases or tastefully mounted to the walls throughout. Before we ordered it took me about 45 minutes just to walk around and take in all the exhibits they have put together. 


The place is split up into a few different rooms as you make your way to the back of the restaurant. 


At the entrance, on the right-hand side, you can find photographs that feature historical football moments and victories. From the picture depicting a young Sandro Mazzola while he is getting his shoes tied by his father, to the pictures of Florence’s football and Fiorentina and the images of Italy as World Champion in 1934 and 2006. Right below the bar counter, there is a cast that represents Fabio Grosso’s goal that earned Italy the title of World Champion in 2006.

Fashion Foodballer Firenze

In the second room, which evokes the atmosphere of a locker room, in this area they have a small store with FFB branded products like t-shirts and accessories. Here, you can also admire a replica of the Champions League as well as original jerseys, signed and worn by the likes of Alberto Gilardino and Luca Toni.

Fashion Foodballer Firenze

As you head further back you get to the Pitch Room. This room has turf and exudes vibes of the goodness in football. The light that comes through the skylight and the foosball tables give this area an urban feel and bring forth the concept of people’s football, played everywhere and by everyone.

Fashion Foodballer Firenze

Finally you get to the main dining room area with an open kitchen in the corner. 


They call this the Glory Room, due to the fact that here the most important moments in football history are recalled and represented: from the 1930s, with the advent of fascism, to 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Moreover, here you can find on display the cups, boots and jerseys that belonged to the protagonists of Italian football, such as Del Piero, Baggio, Totti, Batistuta, Zidane, Ronaldo and many more.

Fashion Foodballer Firenze

I really believe that a place like this could succeed in any big city in the world. Filling all those locations with one-of-a-kind football memorabilia would be the only tough part. When in Florence you must check it out. We have more pics taken from the iPhone on our Instagram.

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