Fall Sweatshirts - Brooklyn Hispano

Fall is here and along with it comes sweatshirt season. At Saturday's Football we love the nostalgic history of the pioneering clubs here in the United States. 


Brooklyn Hispano was an inaugural member of the American Soccer League and even played against FC Barcelona on their famous tour of Mexico and the US in 1937.


At 3 in the afternoon on September 6, Labor Day, FC Barcelona played their historic first match in the United States. Their rival was Brooklyn Hispano at Commercial Field. Hispano was one of the most potent teams in those days, winning the 1936/37 ASL and, as a result, qualifying for the playoffs of the competition.


The first ASL title for Brooklyn Hispano would be won years later, in the 1942/43 season, when they would achieve the double by also winning the US Open Cup.


Our Brooklyn Hispano sweatshirt is a reimagined look of the famous New York club.

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