Adidas is moving up in the world!

We all know that Adidas is making moves. In the last few years they decided to stop competing with Nike for athletes and focus more on influencers. They also moved their creative to Portland while keeping the logistical side of things in Germany.


Well it has seriously paid off. Kanye has been rapping for years about how his shoes were more coveted than Jordans. Now he is actually accurate in that statement. It has emerged that Adidas has surpassed the Jordan Brand in market share in the United States


According to reports, Adidas now controls 13% of the sneaker market in the United States, putting them in 2nd place behind Nike which holds about 44%. Nike is still the king of the sneaker game in the United States but they better start keeping an eye on the little guy. 




Basically the market is showing fatigue for the endless number of old school Jordan releases that the Jordan Brand releases each year. Nike has also lost it's verve for the basketball and running shoes that have been so essential to their business in the past.


If hype does shift the conversation, it's good news for Nike. In 2017, the pendulum has swung again, and they've had the hottest sneaker collaborations in the industry, from Virgil Abloh's Air Jordan 1s to Tom Sachs' Mars Yard 2.0 sneakers. Like Yeezys, these sneakers don't move massive numbers, but they do get people talking and thinking about Nike. On the basketball front, its long-unloved Air Jordan sneakers seem to be having a resurgence, while its newest LeBron signature sneaker is sure to make waves when it hits stores next month. Adidas's popularity is currently skyrocketing in the United States, but we wouldn't count out the Swoosh just yet.

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