Nike First Russia-Themed Collection, "Football Korobka"

With the 2018 Fifa World Cup fast approaching, sportswear giant Nike hasn't stopped gifting sports lovers with some of the most stylish and fashionable sports wear ever made. Following a recent World Cup collaboration with Kim Jones and Virgil Abloh, Nike teams up with a number of Russian creatives to unveil a series of all-Russian inspired football collection titled the Nike Football Korobka.

Nike "Football Korobka"

The name Korobka, has its roots in the Russian name for playgrounds or courtyard cages, a place where the Soviet country’s football street culture was originally birthed.

Pioneer of Russian street culture and co-founder of FACES & LACES Dmitriy Oskes, served as both curator and lead designer on this amazing project. Vsevolod Cherepanov of SEVER; international DJ CYBER69; Moscow streetwear store BELIEF  and ZULUWARRIOR also contributed their quota of ideas and designs to ensure the collection perfectly mirrored the creative sensibilities of Russian football and street culture.

Dmitry Oskes' version of the Football Korobka has got a design that shows a sort connection between the sprawling Moscow landscape and moving soccer players. The T-shirt and sweater additionally flaunts a bright red Cyrillic MOKBA text and a manifesto that honors the Korobka streetball games.

Saturdays Football Highland Park Casuals Kit

In a bid to celebrate the greatest moment in the history of  Russian soccer, ZULUWARRIOR focused more on Jersey wears. The said Jersey comes with a modest design that also bears the color of the Russian national flag. To bring about an exciting fan-like feel to the Nike & ZULUWARRIOR collaboration, the set also comes with a soccer scarf and hoodie.

SEVER's very own, Vsevolod Cherepanov also does well on his collaboration with Nike by creating a first class soccer kit containing a Jersey and a pair of shorts. The gorgeous looking Jersey has got a glitch-styled chest front where sports advertisements are referenced. It has also got a sort of cage grid design just below the chest.

DJ CYBER69’s also goes for a Jersey styled wear, but his design unlike those of the others has the Nike Football Korobka themed wear reflecting the VIA SACRA philosophy. The Jersey sports a well designed logarithmic circular print on its front and rear side, and a mind map of a game of soccer.

BELIEF joins forces with Nike to create an impressive darkish color pullover, with a design that brings to light the unity that transpires on the typical Korobka courts. This pullover sports a dimensional focused depiction of the said Korobka court on its rear. This design was chosen by the BELIEF's staff as he had played on the Korobka courts for seven years and witnessed the sense of oneness the court is able to arouse in players.

The Football Korobka collection is mighty fine and super impressive. The 15th of June will see the incredible collection officially released and made available for purchase at the Nike Moscow Flagship Stores, and retail partners. It will also be made available for purchase online.

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