Amazon in on English Premier League

It's a deal! Yes, Amazon will now show EPL matches live on its platforms. 

This is a huge step into the area of the live sports for the online giants. Amazon will have the rights to 20 games per season for 2019-2022. These are the remaining fixtures  after Sky and BT bought the majority of the fixtures back in February. The two platforms paid $6.2 billion USD for the games jointly.

As we see more and more people requesting a la carte programming and moving away from bundling, players like Amazon and YouTube TV will become the conventional choice for viewers.

"The Premier League is the most watched sports league in the world," said Jay Marine, vice president of Prime Video in Europe.

"Over these two December fixture rounds, Prime members will be able to watch every team, every game, so no matter which Premier League team you support, you're guaranteed to see them play live on Prime Video." and the Premier League did not disclose the value of the deal.

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